Credit cards clearing abroad

The unique module developed by CreativITy enables local businesses in the USA and other countries to fully process credit card transactions with the major credit card clearing companies in the USA. The module supports all types of transactions and follows the transaction’s approval process from the initial approval till the full clearance.

Document scanning and indexing module

If your business stores documents in a digital archive, CreativITy's document scanning module is a particularly effective solution for you. The document scanning and indexing module connects between any scanner and the Priority system and automatically creates a link between scanned documents and the appropriate documents in Priority (such as sales orders, purchase demands, purchase invoices, sales invoices, shipping documents, receiving goods vouchers, etc.). The module helps storing and retrieving documents and attachments quickly and easily.
The module can also be adjusted to support any document in the system – standard or customized.

Credit card adjustments in Israel and abroad

Businesses that honor credit cards encounter difficulties in carrying out complex adjustments and locating transactions that were declined by the credit card companies. Creativity’s unique module for credit card adjustments enables credit card files and invoices to be uploaded directly from the credit card companies without needing to key in data and it provides the business owners with a variety of advantages that save valuable time in checking credit card charges.

Bank and credit card adjustments

Makes it possible to extract payment data opposite the leading clearing companies in the USA and to carry out simple adjustment between these payments and the data in the Priority system.

send to priority

Send to Priority directly from Outlook

Allows for every Priority user to link their emails (including the attachments) to Priority documents directly from Outlook as also provides an easy way to save all desired emails and files under the corresponding priority document.