Send To Priority allows each priority-logo user to link their emails (including the attachments) to priority-logo documents straight from the Outlook application.

Send To Priority provides an easy way to save all desired emails and files such as contracts, specs, correspondences etc. under the corresponding priority-logo document.

The linking can be done straight from the Outlook instruments panel by clicking the designated button. This button is added automatically during the installation. Pressing the button will initialize a smart search page which is connected to the customer’s priority-logo database. The user can easily find the relevant priority-logo document by configuring the search options which will narrow the results which in turn will help the user to find the desired Priority document for linking.

Once the desired document was found, the user can link the email body (including the attachments or not) to the priority-logo document.
Send To Priority allows their users to work in an alternative mode which allows to run a direct activation in a Priority form. The alternative working mode will recognize the predefined priority-logo command and will open the search page while the desired priority-logo document is already present, without the any user struggle to find it.


Send to Priority button example:


Search Page example: